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Happy Holidays!!!

We wish all a happy new year!

Alaska forensics Lab

We are honored to receive the commission for the State of Alaska Scientific Crime Detection Laboratory exterior artwork project. Given the sensitivity of the subject matter and some legends such as Cecil Balmond as opponents, it was truly a challenge and we are very excited for the opportunity. Thank you again Alaska...


After an incredibly jetlaged Alaska trip the work and design of the piece is going full speed. Theme's sensitivity is truly a challenge hard to overcome.

The story behind Osman Akan’s public art

Albedo and Demiurge team


Albedo by Scott

The crew that made all this possible, Demiurge !

Scott took some very nice shots of Albedo

I'll post them here soon, thx Scott.

Le Chevalier noir (Dark Knight) 


Albedo-2010 different lighting conditions ....


Albedo - 2010


Dedication of the artwork Albedo

Dedication of the site specific sculpture for Denver Botanic Gardens is set for saturday 18th 11am followed by an artist talk at 1pm ... see you all there ....

Site Specific Art and New Media

I am talking at the University of Denver on new media and site specific works on Thursday ....


fabrication of the Albedo for Denver Botanic Gardens has finished, it is being blasted today and we will start installation on monday sept 13th...


ILLUMINATIONS (After Arthur Rimbaud): Sculpting the Light from the EastLeila Taghinia-Milani Heller (LTMH) GallerySeptember 15 – October 15, 2010 Opening on Wednesday, September 15, 6 to 8 p.m.
New York – ILLUMINATIONS (After Arthur Rimbaud): Sculpting the Light from the East, an exhibition of sculpture, video and installation by 16 well-known and emerging artists who work with light, will be on view at Leila Taghinia-Milani Heller (LTMH) Gallery from September 15 through October 15, 2010. Inspired by a collection of poetry entitled Illuminations by Arthur Rimbaud (1854-1891), the exhibition is curated by Ashok Adicéam, an independent curator and art advisor. A fully illustrated catalogue with an essay by Adicéam will accompany the exhibition.Creating a revealing dialogue between artists living and working in the East and West, ILLUMINATIONS (After Arthur Rimbaud): Sculpting the Light from the East highlights the strength of light to bind different cultures together. As Rimbaud wrote, …

Garanti Cultural Center

Osman Akan is designing a new work for the renovated Garanti Cultural Center.

last page in English


Hillsider Magazine


Site details and crane bed


excavation images.. Thanks to JR. Kidd



Demiurge team is performing the excavation for the area where Albedo will be anchored...


New artwork for the Denver Botanic Gardens is now called "Albedo." Fabrication of the new sculpture has started and it is scheduled to be installed in July of 2010...

Unleashed: Contemporary Art from Turkey (hardcover)

Unleashed: Contemporary Art from Turkey [Hardcover]
Maryam Homayoun Eisler (Author), Hossein Amirsadeghi (Editor)
Thames & Hudson
May 17 2010, hardcover ISBN-13: 978-0500977026

Kasa da on yil

Kasa da on yil (ten years in Kasa) is published. I would like to thank everyone involved. Thank you also for a free copy :-)

Glass test passed ...

Demiurge LLC, whom we are working with in Denver for fabrication and installation of the DBG piece conducted a series of load tests on the glass and armatures yesterday. Good to see the design passed the load tests and will be constructed without a problem. Thank you Joe and Kyle for your hard work...

a new book

plannning to write a new book called "Site specific installations in public art or why I want to kill my structural engineer"

Silicone Gaskets...

Need to get some Silicone gaskets, more like washers and rings if you ask me but lets stick to the term for the sake of it, and can't seem to locate any precut in size I need. They will be replacing the neoprene gaskets in spider fittings. I would assume die-cut to the size; 40 or 50 drometer Shore A silicone should do it. If you know anyone in NYC area or in Denver shoot an email to me.. thx...

Denver Botanic Gardens

design of the sculpture is finished and the engineers are calculating loads. Osman Akan Studio is collaborating with KL&A of Denver for this project.

KASA Galeri 10th year book release

KASA Galerei released a book for their tenth year celebrations. Book contains a page for every artist that had exhibited their works at kasa. a Kasa log book in a way. Details at

Denver Botanic Gardens

Public Art Commission for the Denver Botanic Gardens is being engineered. Should be finalized shortly. I will post final renderings to my web site and perhaps here. I am hoping this can be a platform for public discussion. We should also be able to follow the fabrication and installation through here.

first post

hmm, I thin kit may be working this time :-)