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Few good news, I got a new iPad after forgetting one in a KLM flight. And the sculpture to Alaska is on its way.Left Denver yesterday to Seattle on a truck, then will be on a barge, then will be trucked again th the site. You'd better believe I have hefty insurance on it.

Revisiting the old Lab

This is a short loop of an animation I did back in 97 in CalArts's infamous F105 Lab. There is a good chance next sculpture of mine will share some of the same qualities of this video piece. That is if I can pull it together of course.

Alaska artwork pre-shipment consultation with Zack in Denver


Weather in Anchorage !

last images from Anchorage show quite a bit of snow on site. They informed us that this winter was the most amount of snowfall in the past 100 years. However, they say it is melting rapidly. Fingers are crossed ! We are hoping we can keep our schedule of installing in May, that is just a few weeks away. Our thoughts on remote artworks is gaining momentum !