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Alaska Fabrication


Contemporary Istanbul TV coverage
A short interview with Osman Akan during the Contemporary Istanbul 2011 on Sky Turk TV.


No. one

Osman Akan's newest artwork will be at the Leila Heller Gallery during Istanbul Contemporary. Nov 24 - Nov 27

All of your tiles are numbered !


Alaska substructure and panels cont.

With these wood panels, it looks a bit like Noah's Ark, I know but I assure you it will change !

Man at work !

Alaska substructure and panels


Small sculptures !

following recommendations from my gallery and friends, I've decided to make smaller artworks !

Stainless structure ...

Demiurge is moving along with the stainless steel structure, probably another month to go ...

White concrete !

Sam's team at Neeser Construction managed to get the base curve of the Alaska commission poured out of white concrete. It is some weird stuff, there is no pigment no paint no nothing !

Alaska progress ...

Alaska project is moving along as planned. The rolled tubes arrived in Demiurge for fabrication. For the base curve, a white concrete pour is scheduled to be done when weather permitting on site.

Akan's works are represented by LTMH Gallery in ArtBeat

City of Baltimore and Atlanta ...

Thank you to City of Baltimore and City of Atlanta for selecting Osman Akan to their preferred artist's list for public art. We are looking forward to working with you in some exciting projects.

Alaska foundation work progress

It seems like we are on our way. Foundation work is mostly done, fabrication has started for the substructure, lets keep our fingers crossed for installation before winter in Alaska!

Demiurge Designs gets the Alaska bid.

Congratulations to our fabricators Demiurge Designs for winning the bid for the Alaska project's structural fabrication. Previously Demiurge fabricated "Albedo" our commission for the city of Denver. We are excited and looking forward to the completion of another successful commission in Alaska this coming fall.

Osman is back online

After a brief pause yesterday due to some technical difficulties, we are back online today. If for some reason any emails you might have sent is not answered in a timely fashion, then please kindly send again. Some of those emails are most likely never reached us. Therefore, despite the technological advancements of the last decade. question remains "does the message arrive its destination?"

Alaska the movie

Assuming Making a sculpture in Alaska is a very weird act, we've decided to turn this into a small movie. Inspired by the ice road truckers and Alaska State Troopers on National Geographic as well as several other flick s on Alaska-wilderness an survival; we believe the movie will be an eye opener in the artworld, rendering an artist's struggle under very hard circumstances to make art...

Site Specific Design: Osman Akan

Site Specific Design: Osman Akan: "Osman Akan will give a presentation of his work in class on Thursday, September 16.  He is currently in Denver for the installation of ..."

The New Wishard

We are happy to announce that Studio Osman Akan is a finalist for the New Wishard Transformation Project. Highly ambitious, the project aims to create a hospital with great standarts. Among these ambitious endeavors is the "Sky Meadow," turning the roof of one of the buildings in to a sea of plants! Osman Akan will design an artwork for this area of the hospital. Very challenging and exciting!

Galata Gazete

Akan'dan Alaskaya yarm milyon dolarlik heykel!