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Great news from Mike, I wanted to share !

Hello Osman.  I hope/trust all is well with you!
We just had a significant storm with winds clocked from 90 to 130 mph around town.  Lots of trees down, power still out here and there, schools closed, etc etc…
I decided to check out the sculpture to see how it faired in near-design-level winds.  Result: Not a scratch.  Nothing looked bent or crooked or rubbed-against, etc.  Looks like it stayed pretty rigid.  There are trees all about out there knocked over so you can tell from their angle that the wind came right down off the mountain, by-passing the building and hitting the sculpture head on. 
It’s still pretty breezy today. Standing in the center of the piece, the wind makes a nice sound passing through all the plates. 
Take care!

Michael Fierro, PE Senior Engineer